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An Excellent Opportunity to Share Your Expertise

Call for Presentations are reserved for Signature and Presenting level members of the AAMA Corporate Business Council.

Step One  -  Review 

Policy Tracks 2024

The 2024 policy session tracks will offer a range of discussions vital to the strategic development of America’s communities and neighborhoods. The policy session tracks: (1) Broadband & Infrastructure, (2) Technology & Innovation, (3) Health & Education, (4) Economic Development, and (5) Sustainability & Climate Change, represent the most pressing concerns to America’s mayors, and will guide our Annual Conference’s in-depth discussions and workshops. These conference tracks will encourage an engaged and collaborative approach to understanding this moment in our nation’s history and grappling with the mission to enhance its future.

Feedback received from AAMA members and former and potential conference attendees guided the creation of workshop topics to ensure issues and interests relevant to solution building, professional development and skill enhancement were included.

  • Presenting $150,000 +
    10 Comp Registrations Full-Page Ad (premium placement) 60 Second Company Promotional Ad CEO Greetings
  • Pacesetter $100,000
    5 Comp Registrations Full-Page Ad 60 Second Company Promotional Ad CEO Greetings
  • Emerald $75,000
    3 Comp Registrations Full-Page Ad 60 Second Company Promotional Ad CEO Greetings
  • Diamond $50,000
    3 Comp Registrations Full-Page Ad
  • Jewel $30,000
    2 Comp Registrations Half-Page Ad
  • Platinum $25,000
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  • Gold $20,000
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  • Silver $15,000
    1 Comp Registration Half-Page Ad

Call for Presentations

Do you have a modern idea to combat old problems? 
Innovative solutions for new problems?
Insights into daily challenges in local government?

Inter-agency case studies?
Examples for infusing technology in planning analysis, & reporting? 
Do you have tips to use data to drive decisions?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, AAMA invites you to develop a session within the five topic areas important to mayors and communities.

Step Two  -  Complete Form 

Presentation Form

Please finalize your submission to include complete contact information, headshot, and bio for each panelist.  If requested by March 1, 2024, AAMA will provide a moderator.  Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed. Submissions must be submitted online by Friday, March 15, 2024, at 11:59 pm. Presentations submitted should align with the five policy areas offered for the 2024 Annual Conference and the conference focus of Building Black Generational Wealth.

All panelists must register for the full conference.

Workshops are not intended for solo speakers. Remember to include all panelists and make your best effort to ensure diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, economic background, and disability status.

Feel free to contact us for assistance 

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